I want to go on record and say I am excited. I am excited to drink Fresca and diet Dr. Pepper. I am excited for Mitchell’s ice cream (colorful dinosaur sprinkles? genius!). I am excited for the Beechwood Public Library. I am excited to see my friends and family. I am excited (if we can translate excited as super nervous) to send Yael and Yoni off to Camp Stone. I am excited.

But I have spent the past two weeks saying goodbye. I drank a lot of ice coffee, picked at a lot of salads, ordered a lot of chicken and smiled as I said goodbye to my friends from around the country. My oldest friends, my cool youngen friends from Jerusalem, people who have graced my world for decades. And I’ve mostly held it together (oh, Rachie T, you’re the exception to the rule).

I know it’s only a year but I think I am only so so sad because the adventure makes me leave behind this wonderful vibrant loving life that David and I have worked so hard to create. So dear other side of the ocean, please go easy on us. I’m feeling particularly sad right now. And to my loving wonderful Alon Shevut ladies who have packed up my kitchen, raided my cupboards, not judged me too harshly for the 3 containers of expired Bulgarian cheese and helped me toss out years of languishing craft projects, I love you all so very very much. Don’t watch too much good TV without me.



  1. Beachwood. (though Beechwood was the original spelling MANY years ago). Please connect with our friends Gussie and David. They will be new to the area too. And it you are willing, I’d love it if you could deliver a gift to my grandparents before they go back to Florida. I can’t believe that you’ll be there for the year and we mot make it to Cleveland during that time.

    • happy to take anything to your grandparents. give me a call.

  2. Daphne

    We are all excited with/for you!

    Call when you get to this side of the pond 🙂

  3. Efrat

    We are just going to have to be WAY more organized for the next 365 days – since we can’t send a child over to “borrow _________ from the Katzes”
    Have a great time

    • Thank goodness there is UPS, I can ship you an egg or two any time you’re desperate 🙂

  4. Tamar

    If only we could have been there with you on the other side. It will be great and it will fly by. Enjoy and send our love to everyone. We’ll be waiting for you here.
    ( at least you know if there is anything you need from here you can get a monthly delivery)!

    • Tamar, I was going to say the same thing to you! Just think of it as having your own personal shopper at Target 🙂

      • Tamar

        Shaul is pretty good at Target. It’s Michael’s and Joann I really could use. 🙂

  5. miriam and zeevie

    Love you all and can’t wait to have you here for a year. We know how hard it is to leave; but hope you will feel warm and welcome in C. also. Bobie

  6. Jessica Gertel

    You will have an amazing time – but hopefully not too amazing ;). Enjoy every moment of your wonderful adventure!!!

  7. Shefa

    Great idea. I cant wait to read about all your new adventures. I hope we get to see you before we start our year withdrawal. Miss you tons but I am sure you will have fun!

  8. Yakira

    Some one beat me to the beach wood spelling thing. Hope to see u, most awesome would be me coming to Cleve, hanging out with u and shoshie

  9. Devorah Starr

    Oh, how we will miss y’all! Still so excited for you. I know it will be great. whats a year? right?…right?

    • I don’t know, Devorah, you’ve only been gone a month and I miss you!!!!

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